On ignorance

ignorance 01

Senator Ted Cruz has introduced legislation to give governors the ability to opt out of refugee resettlement programs. That’s comical, since immigration issues are exclusively under federal jurisdiction. Can you imagine if, during World War II, a leftist presidential candidate introduced legislation to give governors the ability to opt out of military conscription? Right-wingers (like Cruz) would scream, “Hey, that’s a federal matter!”

Anyway Rodger says, “We all are ignorant about most issues.”

I think this depends on our definition of “ignorant.” As I see it, there are two forms of ignorance. Simple ignorance is a lack of factual knowledge. Spiritual ignorance is a voluntary refusal to learn, and to empathize with others.

The latter is what right-wing politicians promote and exploit.

ignorance 03

Some people are factually ignorant, but are spiritually insightful.
Other people are factually encyclopedic, but are spiritually ignorant.

The latter are what right-wing politicians promote and exploit.

ignorance 05

Simple ignorance can largely be cured by books, schools, and experience. By contrast, spiritual ignorance is a personal shortcoming that each of us can only cure for himself by choosing to empathize with others. The refusal to choose empathy is what right-wing politicians promote and exploit.

You can learn all you like, but if you remain spiritually ignorant, you will remain a moron, slavishly believing only what you are told to believe.

Wealth and power cannot cure spiritual ignorance. Rich people and their puppet politicians are spiritual morons who rule the peasants by promoting and exploiting spiritual ignorance.

ignorance 04

On a related matter, Rodger also says, “Politicians have learned that facts are not necessary, and actually may be an impediment to belief.”

Yes, our beliefs and opinions are products of our spiritual development, not of our factual knowledge. That is, our beliefs are not determined by what we know, but by what we are. And what we are is a matter of choice.

Meanwhile spiritually ignorant people insist that they choose the “truth.” This is an illusion.  In reality they think what they are told to think.

Spiritual ignorance (which is always voluntary) keeps people enslaved. Politicians count on this. Actually politicians have no choice. If a politician exposed the truth about Monetary Sovereignty, then he would be attacked not only by the rich, but by the peasants who he wanted to liberate. He might as well pry open the door to a dungeon. The prisoners would not know what to do with their sudden freedom. Rather than celebrate in joy, they would tremble in fear.

ignorance 06

But if that is true, and no one wants to hear the facts about Monetary Sovereignty, then why expose the facts? Because when each individual chooses to wake up, he will find all the tools he needs in Rodger’s blog. But he must first choose to awaken. No one can choose for him.

The world will change when enough people choose to wake up.

ignorance 07

Finally, Rodger says, “Those who vote for mean-spirited bigots of outrageous action rather than leaders of intelligence and compassion, get exactly what they asked for. And then they suffer and wonder why.”

ignorance 08

ignorance 09

ignorance 02


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