On mass shootings

Shooting 01

Shooting 02

Shooting 03

ABOVE: The sealed control booth is suffused with traces of sweat and cigarette smoke that no amount of air freshener can mask.

The seats are occupied 24/7. If a drone operator wants a bathroom break, he or she must call for a replacement operator.  A loaded Predator drone can stay aloft for eighteen hours, and operators are pushed to be as tireless as the technology they use to murder people. Drone operators work twelve-hour shifts, six days a week.

When they decide to murder people, they switch to infrared mode, so that their victims glow against a dark background. Body parts and splattering blood glow for several minutes, since they are warm. The drone operators watch these items as they cool down, and become the same color as the background.

If the victims are only wounded, and anyone comes to help them, then the drone operators murder them too. (This is called “double-tapping.”)  People in the targeted lands know this. Hence they must listen to wounded women and children howl in agony as they slowly die.

Below are some pictures of the countless victims…

Shooting 04

Shooting 07

Shooting 05

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