Punishing the progressives

Venezuela 01

If leftist politicians don’t do a good enough job helping the masses, then the masses will punish them by letting the leftists be voted out of office, or by actually voting for right-wing replacements, even when the masses know that the right-wingers will be even worse. This pattern is quite common.

“Letting the leftists be voted out of office” happens when the masses just stay home, not voting, thereby allowing right-wingers to seize power.

We see this in the USA when Democrats are in control of the U.S. Congress, and they disappoint the masses so badly that the masses punish them by staying home and letting Republicans replace Democrats, even though the masses know that the Republicans will be even worse.  American voters did this in 1995 and 2010.

Yesterday in Venezuela the masses actually voted for  right-wing elitist politicians, allowing the elitists to gain a majority in the National Assembly, even though the masses knew that the elitists will be worse than ever.

(Venezuela’s National Electoral Council says that turnout reached 74.25% of the registered electorate.)

The Venezuelan masses did this to punish the leftists for their poor performance, and to tell President Nicolas Maduro that if he doesn’t get control of the oligarchs, and ease mass suffering, then Maduro too will be out of a job. (Maduro will remain President until 2019, unless he is deposed by a coup, or a recall, or by impeachment).

In some cases, Venezuelans voted for the elitists in simple desperation. “Let them have their obscene fortunes if it means that the store shelves once again have food and toilet paper.”

Venezuela had extreme poverty and inequality until the election in 1999 of Hugo Chavez. When Chavez died in 2013 (many say he was poisoned), Venezuela’s rich oligarchs, assisted by the USA, began an economic war against Venezuela’s masses to make them turn against Chavez’ successor, Nicolas Maduro, and his PSUV party (United Socialist Party of Venezuela).

In Venezuela the rich oligarchs “made the economy scream” by maintaining a campaign of engineered shortages of consumer goods, causing extreme hardship for average Venezuelans. Meanwhile out-of-control speculation in money-trading caused rampant inflation. In October 2013, crude oil prices began to fall, depriving Venezuela of foreign currency that Venezuela badly needed in order to buy imports. In October 2013, oil was at $111 per barrel. Today oil is at $38 per barrel.

Nicolas Maduro and his PSUV party fought back against the inflation, and against the oligarchs, and their engineered shortages, but the PSUV party didn’t do a good enough job. They were not able to ease mass suffering.

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Thus, even though the Venezuelan masses were aware of everything I have written here, they suffered so badly for so long that yesterday they punished the PSUV party by voting for the elitists. As a result, right-wing politicians (owned by the rich) have taken the legislature, and are vowing to return Venezuela to its pre-1999 condition of extreme poverty and inequality.

The same thing happened two weeks ago in Argentina, where the progressive President Cristina Fernández and her Justicialist Party so failed to control the rich oligarchs that on 22 Nov 2015 the masses voted Mauricio Macri into the presidency.

Mr. Macri is an extreme right-wing billionaire who is dedicated to reducing Argentina’s masses to slavery. The masses know this, but they voted for him anyway, in order to punish the Justicialist Party.

The rich do not only hate the masses. They hate leftist politicians like those in Venezuela who become bureaucrats, and who even have the gall to become corrupt like the rich. How dare they stand in the way of “progress and democracy” (i.e. in the way of an ever-widening gap between the rich and the rest)?

If the bureaucrats don’t help the masses, they are voted out.

This is a problem for all modern societies. Even on the rare occasions when a government actually tries to help average people, politicians eventually become bureaucrats, causing political logjams that slow down the economy. And even if this problem is avoided, the nation will be attacked by other nations (which are ruled by oligarchs).

Venezuela 07

Venezuela 06

The elitist Roundtable of Democratic Unity (MUD) gained 99 out of a total of 167 seats. Twenty-two seats are yet to be announced, including three representatives for Venezuela’s indigenous population.

The victory hands the elitists a “simple majority” in the National Assembly. If the elitists go on to win 100 seats, they will be able to remove ministers from the presidential cabinet. If the elitists gain more than 111 seats, they can dismiss Supreme Court Judges, change Venezuela’s Constitution, and order a  referendum to dismiss President Maduro without needing to collect the minimum quota of signatures required by Venezuela’s Constitution.

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