On the media’s “liberal bias”


Average right-wing Americans claim that corporate media outlets have a “liberal bias,” and that their billionaire-owners are “leftists.”

Actually the definition of “liberal” is debatable, but what I pay attention to is whether a media outlet seeks to increase inequality by widening the Gap between the rich and the rest.  Most corporate outlets seek to increase inequality. Thus, for me, most outlets are radically right-wing.  


Once in a while a corporate media outlet will have an article about poverty. This is an example of a Gap-narrowing article. But for every Gap-narrowing article, there are multiple articles that call for a wider Gap between the rich and the rest. Examples include articles about the (fake) “national debt crisis,” or the (fake) “Social Security crisis,” or the (fake) “government spending crisis.”



“Conservatives” tend to complain about things that they can easily escape from. If they don’t like interracial marriage or same sex marriage, they can avoid places where they see that. If they don’t like Hollywood movies, they don’t have to watch them. If they don’t like refugees, they don’t have to socialize with them, or support the wars that create them.

(And if they don’t like abortion, then they are child abusers. Anti-abortion fanatics hate government programs that help children after they are born.)

By contrast, there is no escape from the ravages of austerity and inequality, unless you happen to be rich. If your entire social class is materially and financially pushed downward, then you will have less money in your pocket. You will have less job security, less home security, less health security, less everything security.



The Big Lie is that a money creator (e.g. the U.S. government) is the same as a money user (e.g. you and me). The Big Lie justifies austerity, which justifies cuts in social programs, which widens the Gap between the rich and the rest. Since almost everyone believes the Big Lie, almost everyone has a pro-inequality bias. Therefore the media outlets simply give the masses what they want.

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell says: Since media owners tend far more often to be among the rich than among the middle or lower income groups, it should be no surprise that they skew the news to favor their own people.

I would say that media owners skew the news to widen the Gap between themselves and everyone below them on the scale of wealth, income, and power. For right-wingers, this is not “right wing.” It is “the will of God.”


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