Austerity and SRDH


Most people (not all) cope with their suffering by hating everyone who is below them in wealth, income, and social power. In turn, the people below them hate the people below them, and so on, down and down. Thus, collective hate is mainly directed downward.

This happens because, collectively speaking, the people below us are weaker, and are therefore easier for us to attack than are people above us. Average people may envy and resent the rich, but their strongest hatred is reserved for everyone below them.

It call this phenomenon “Gap dynamics.”

It occurs in men and women of all races worldwide. For example, in the video below, a black male is very racist toward Hispanics.

Meanwhile in Mexico, Hispanics are very racist toward Native Americans.

Regardless of your position on the social ladder, the wider the Gap above you, the more you suffer, and the more you cope with this by stomping the people below you. (I refer to people in general, not to you personally. Not everyone plays the “Gap game.”)


Federal fiscal austerity (i.e. deficit reduction) ensures that the lower classes stomp each other, rather than unite against the upper classes.

For example, the euro currency has made austerity obligatory in some European nations. Austerity in turn has dramatically widened the Gap between the rich and the rest, and has plunged the euro-zone masses into poverty.  The European masses respond to this attack from above by attacking refugees below. The U.S. masses are the same. Politicians promote and exploit this phenomenon (especially Republicans and “New Democrats”).

The poorer the masses become, the more they hate everyone below them, thereby causing themselves to become even poorer, since they support austerity, and since they prevent unity from forming in the lower classes.

See video…

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