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The “Quad Cities” is a region of four counties (not cities) in northwest Illinois and Southeastern Iowa. It is considered part of “America’s heartland.”

Yesterday the Concord Coalition and the Campaign to Fix the Debt (both funded by the notorious Pete Peterson Foundation) held a “New Ideas Forum’ at St. Ambrose University in Davenport Iowa.

Local Iowans (seen below) participated in an exercise titled, “Your First Budget” in which they sought ways to reduce the federal deficit.


A budget worksheet was given to participants, plus a handout of what each budget area includes. About 50 people divided up, and there was an effort to mix ages, party affiliations and careers at the tables. This made no difference, since most Americans have been brainwashed, regardless of their backgrounds. For example, one participant was Bill Gluba, mayor of Davenport (pop.100,000). Another participant was noted attorney Nicholas Broughton.

The environment was “bi-partisan” and “politically neutral” (i.e. politically ultra-right-wing).

These people supposedly managed to cut the deficit by $2.136 trillion over 10 years, not realizing that if this happened in real life, the USA would be reduced to a wasteland, and the Gap between the rich and the rest would quintuple.



Here’s my point…

When we are young, we regard people like this as fools.  Later we see that we are fools in our own way. Finally we regard these people as children who were lied to, and we are outraged at the injustice that was done to them. At that point we have the courage to walk into an event like this and start preaching the MS “gospel.” They will attack us, but they cannot make us angry, since we grieve for them. This inner grief (which is love), plus an outward demeanor of smiles and calmness, is powerful.

Most people will remain unreachable, but a few people will have compassion themselves. They will be awakened.

Everything we do and say flows from what we are inside.  Therefore, when we ask, “How can we best communicate the facts of Monetary Sovereignty?” the answer is: “Never stop learning, and never stop improving who you are. Then the proper words will flow out of you naturally.”


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