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I was just about to write a post when I suddenly had a plumbing problem here in the house. I’ll try to come back later today, after I fix it.

In the meantime, I hear that Sen. John McCain is having to spend more and more time in the hospital for cancer treatments. Here’s a couple of satirical images until I get back…

The image below is not mine. I saw it on the Internet.

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Correcting a video

Wall Street has long dreamed of privatizing Medicare and Social Security, so that $1.4 trillion collected in FICA taxes each year goes straight to the financial thieves, who will use it to make their tyranny worse than ever. And they don’t have to pay benefits, since they will simply claim that, “There was a market downturn.” No one is rich enough to argue with them.

Anyway reader “Beaner” mentioned a video that exemplifies how some people love to whine that “the sky is falling” in order to get attention. By foretelling doom, they can strut before an audience, chattering about nothing for hours. (Politicians do the same thing. “The sky is falling, but I’m here to protect you. Worship me.”)

This crap works. The video below has over 93,000 views.

You, dear reader, understand the facts about money because you broke out of your shell of hate and selfishness. You evolved because you were so compassionate toward your fellow humans that you thought “What is this money thing anyway?” You were like the legendary Buddha who beheld the suffering of people outside his palace, and resolved to find a cure. And, like the Buddha, you cannot enlighten anyone. You can only show people the doorway. People must voluntarily choose to step through it.

It can be discouraging to constantly  have people cling to their stupidity, but humor can save us. We must have fun with this stuff.  Humor leads to insights and to breakthroughs that cannot be achieved via logic alone.

Anyway let’s correct this stupid video:

CLAIM: The U.S. government is far more than $20 trillion is “debt,” since the government has “unfunded obligations.”

CORRECTION: Every government on the planet – indeed every human alive — has a need for future spending, and therefore has “unfunded obligations.” As a human, you must eat today, and you must buy food tomorrow. At present you do not have the money to buy tomorrow’s food (i.e. future food). Therefore you have a (temporarily) “unfunded obligation.” Eating is an obligation.

The U.S. government is infinitely funded. You are not. The U.S. government creates its spending money out of thin air. You cannot.  Therefore “unfunded obligations” is no problem for the U.S. government.

CLAIM: “Unfunded obligations” are money that the U.S. government has promised to pay, but does not have, and will not have.

CORRECTION: See above. By the way, the speaker claims that Medicare and Social Security “trust funds” are bankrupt. These “trust funds” are accounting fictions. Accounting is supposed to be about math and numbers, and yet “creative accounting” (i.e. fraud) is rampant in this world.

CLAIM: The U.S. government has total financial obligations of $220 trillion.

CORRECTION: The U.S. government has total financial obligations that are infinite, since we do not know how long the U.S. government will exist. The “Monopoly” board game has financial obligations for as long as people play a particular game. A scoreboard has points obligations for a long as a game continues.

CLAIM: The government can technically create more money, but when it does so, it causes inflation.

CORRECTION:  No. Inflation only becomes a problem when there is (a) a surplus of money combined with (b) a shortage of things to spend money on. Both factors must be present. Neither factor exists in the USA. If average Americans had more money, they would buy more stuff, and thereby create more jobs. The rich do not want this, because in a world where money equals power, the power of rich people depends on keeping average people starving for money.

If inflation ever did become a problem, the U.S. government would have to do one of three things in order to control it.

[1] Remove money from the economy

[2] Boost production of goods and services to spend money on

[3] A combination of #1 and #2

During World War II everyone had a job, but production was mainly for the war. So everyone had cash, but there was a shortage of consumer goods to spend their money on. This created a potential inflation problem for the U.S. economy. If inflation got out of control, the economy would become so unstable that the USA would lose the war. Therefore, since production was already at full capacity, the government needed to remove money from the economy. The U.S. government did this by introducing the payroll withholding tax, and by selling “war bonds” that paid interest, and which functioned just like T-securities today. The government falsely told the public that the tax revenue and the war bonds were needed to “fund the war.” Money that people spent to buy “war bonds” was destroyed, i.e. removed from the economy. That money was later paid back to bond holders in a slow and controlled trickle as war bonds matured.

Venezuela has an inflation problem because Venezuela has (a) excess money, caused by the U.S. government pumping dollars into black market currency trading, combined with (b) a shortage of consumer goods, caused by distributors withholding goods, in order to deliberately cause inflation.

Shortages also occur because Venezuela has been so dependent on oil revenues that it lost its self-sufficiency, and must import most of its consumer goods. The fall in oil prices reduced Venezuela’s supply of foreign currencies, which reduced imports, which caused shortages, which caused inflation when combined with excess money in circulation.

To ease inflation, the Venezuelan government must…

[1] Remove money from the economy

[2] Boost production of goods and services to spend money on

[3] A combination of #1 and #2

Why doesn’t the Venezuela government do this? Why doesn’t the government shut down all black market currency trading, and imprison all distributors of consumer goods who are caught hoarding? My suspicion is that many members of President Maduro’s PSUV Party members at the state and local levels are corrupt, and are personally profiting from the economic chaos.

Venezuela never became truly socialist like Cuba. Therefore Venezuela has an inflation problem, unlike Cuba. The Cuban government has carefully controlled its currency, along with the production of goods and services. In any nation over time, this always leads to stagnation, and a dying economy. Therefore Cuba recently started to ease up on controlling the economy, and is giving people incentives to start small businesses. The Cuban government has realized that the ideal situation is not socialism, but a careful balance between socialism and capitalism.

How does a national leader achieve such a balance? By loving his people more than he loves himself.

Which brings us to another topic…

Q: Which system is best? Socialism? Capitalism? Monarchy? A mixture of all three?

A: It depends on the nature of a society’s leaders. If they are kind and compassionate, then their citizenry will be happy, regardless of what economic system they use. However, if the leaders are evil and selfish, then the people will suffer, regardless of the economic system they use. Joseph Stalin was evil, but this does not mean that socialism is evil. Likewise, there are good people in capitalist societies, but this does not mean that capitalism is good. Everything depends on the nature of a society’s leaders. Their nature will heavily influence the nature of the masses. The USA’s leaders are evil. Therefore the masses suffer, since many average people (like the person in the video above) participate in the evil.

CLAIM: When the government prints money, it drains the purchasing power of your savings. Inflation is a tax on savings.

CORRECTION:  If the government does not print money, then banks will create all money as loans. This will cause total debt slavery; the ultimate “tax on savings.” As I explained above, there are several ways to control inflation. You must boost production and / or reduce the money supply.

If you believe the person in the video above, then you will be enslaved and impoverished. That is the dream of neo-liberals. Below is their paradise.

Then the video really wades deep into bullshit.

CLAIM: It is a myth that the U.S. government cannot go bankrupt. The government pays for its bankruptcy by taxing the purchasing power of people’s savings.

CORRECTION:  The U.S. government is not bankrupt, and never will be. Period. Can a scoreboard be “bankrupt” of points?

CLAIM: It is a myth that the U.S. government can solve its financial problems by raising taxes.

CORRECTION:  The U.S. government has no financial problems, just as a scoreboard has no points problems.

CLAIM: The U.S. government does not need to pay off its debts, only service them.

CORRECTION:  What you call “debts” is money deposited in Fed savings accounts. When you buy a T-security, the money that you pay is deposited in a Fed savings account. Your money is on loan to the Fed until the T-security matures, at which time the Fed gives your money back, plus interest. In a regular bank, the money in your checking or savings account is on loan to the bank. It is a “debt,” but it is also an asset.

This has nothing to do with the U.S. government’s ability to create and spend money. The U.S. government does not borrow one penny of its spending money, just as a scoreboard does not borrow any of its points.

After the video, a YouTube viewer comments…

He does not mention the Federal Reserve, which is a private corporation run by dual U.S.-Israeli citizens. Why is the U.S. government bankrupting its citizenry? Why are we paying interest to a private entity to print our money? The privately owned Fed creates money out of thin air, and lends it to the U.S. government. This is why we can never get out of debt, and why we will never see prices go down. People have no idea how our economic system works, and no realization that it is the root of our problems. End the Fed and take back control of the issuance of our nation’s money supply. It will save us immense sums of interest, and it will end inflation.

This person suffers from Ellen Brown Syndrome (EBS) the crippling illness that makes people think that all money is created by banks as loans. His comment reveals why EBS is so strong. He wants to say that Jews run the Fed and the Treasury (which to some extent is true) but since society does not allow him to say this openly, he must say it indirectly. Society’s taboo causes him to feel frustrated, and therefore fixated. “End the Fed! End Jewish control! JEWS LEND US OUR MONEY!”

As I see it, the USA is a larger version of Israel. For every Israeli atrocity, there are five U.S. atrocities. Every civilian murdered by the USA or Israel is a “terrorist” and a “human shield.” Every nation they attack “needs democracy.” Israel has the Gaza Death Camp. The USA has Guantanamo. To claim that “America is controlled by Jews” is to claim that average Americans are different from Jews. (Some Americans really are different, but for the most part, I see no difference.)

The taboo against questioning Jewish supremacy causes obsession, which in turn seals people in the EBS cocoon.

On YouTube, none of the reader comments pointed out the video’s errors. Everyone believed the nonsense, because they want to believe it. The peasants can’t sleep at night without some “crisis” hanging over them.


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Please help Santa Claus

I must leave for an appointment, so this post will be very short. A quickie. By the way, I put those colorful header images above because this world is a depressing place. A dash of color is meant to lighten our mood.

Just now I saw one of those articles that encourage readers to send donations to “pay down” the money deposited in Fed savings accounts (aka pay down the “national debt”).

A paragraph in the instruction booklet for tax Form 1040 says you can make donations to those Fed deposits (i.e. you can throw your money down a toilet) by sending a check to the “Bureau of the Fiscal Service” in Parkersburg WV. Or you can go to and click on, “How To Make a Contribution to Reduce the Debt.”

This is exactly like sending money to Santa Claus…

In case you think people don’t believe in Santa Claus, below is what boys and girls have sent to Santa since 1996, according to the U.S. Treasury…

One financial “expert” says that Santa will soon need so many donations that the U.S. government will have to institute a nationwide sales tax (or “value added tax”).

The financial “expert” says that money deposited in Fed savings accounts is “unsustainable.” Since military spending is sacred, and the masses don’t want cuts to  Social Security, the U.S. government will be compelled to impose a national sales tax to “pay down” the Fed deposits. Otherwise credit ratings on U.S. Treasuries will plummet, the USA will collapse, and the world will be destroyed.

People love this trash because it lets anyone be an “expert” without understanding anything about economics. You only need repeat the magic words “unsustainable,” “Ponzi scheme,” “future generations,” “Zimbabwe” “How will you pay for it?” — and voila, you are the “smartest person in the room.” You may be invited to appear on news shows. You may even become the Fed Chairperson or the U.S. Treasury Secretary.

Another article says, The National Debt Is a Domestic Security Threat

The United States government will soon be spending more on interest payments than on national defense.

Rubbish. The Fed pays whatever interest it wants to pay on deposits in Fed savings accounts. The Fed currently creates about $250 billion per year out of thin air in interest payments. That’s less than a quarter of the money the U.S. government creates for weapons makers and for the War of Terror.

Incidentally this article refers to Biblical prophecy, so you know its claims are economically “sound.”

It’s amusing to watch people squirm. They have spent decades lying about the fake “national debt crisis,” and now Republicans have temporarily thrown those lies out the window.

Here’s another “expert” on economics…

Like people and businesses, America borrows money from those who have it, whether that’s a corporation or a country. Eventually, the debtor becomes a slave to the lender!

According to this nonsense, the U.S. government borrows all its dollars from corporations and from foreign governments — none of which can create U.S. dollars.

In reality, corporations and foreign government get paid in different currencies, including U.S. dollars, which ultimately come from the U.S. government (and from banks when they make loans). Yet the “expert” claims that the U.S. government is in debt to those who depend on the government for dollars.

The beauty of all this bullshit is that it can be used to destroy social programs. Or privatize them (same thing).

Okay, I gotta fly out the door. See you next time.


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Simon says

I apologize for my last post, but I want people to avoid going through similar experiences.

Always remember that cops hate you. If you disagree with me, then don’t cry when you become the prey.

I going to jump around between several topics…

27 million views for THAT? Someone please explain.

Corporate censorship continues to accelerate. Google has purged 150,000 videos from YouTube during the last several months.  On 4 Dec 2017 Google announced that it would hire 10,000 more people to continue targeting videos for removal. Videos that question war, imperialism, and neoliberalism. Google is also working to improve its automatic computer-purging.

In August 2017 YouTube began removing photographic and video documentation of U.S.-sponsored war crimes, terminating some 180 accounts, and purging countless videos from other channels, including footage uploaded by Airwars of civilians murdered by U.S. coalition air strikes.

On 30 Sep 2011 the Obama regime used a drone missile to murder Anwar al-Awlaki, a U.S. citizen who the U.S. never charged with any crime. Two weeks later the Obama regime murdered Mr. Awlaki’s 16-year-old son Abdulrahman al-Awlaki (also a U.S. citizen). YouTube had 51,000 videos about this. All were purged in November 2017.  The New York Times praised the mass censorship as a “watershed moment.”

WordPress has purged two of my own blogs in the past without telling me why. (One of the advantages of having a tiny audience is that the censors don’t notice you as quickly.)


Let’s lighten the mood. Maybe with some satirical images.

The murderous dwarfs that rule the Empire are furious about their defeat in Syria, so they banned half of the Russian contingent from the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, and all Russian athletes from the upcoming 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea (9 to 25 February 2018).

Not that it matters much. Does anyone watch the Olympics anymore? Why sit through endless commercials when you can watch the highlights on YouTube? (Assuming they have not been purged.)

The Empire’s campaign to humiliate Russia has caused average Russians to become more united than ever, and made Vladimir Putin more popular than ever. Putin has the world’s highest approval ratings if any national leader (85% according to the New York Times). Most of Russia cheered when Putin announced (6 Dec 2018) that he would run for re-election in 2018. Another six-year term will take him to 2024.

On 5 Dec 2017 Sen. John McCain called for Russia to be banned from hosting the FIFA World Cup, which is far more prestigious than the Olympic Games, and which involves far more money.  The last World Cup (2014) was in Brazil. The final game between Germany and Argentina had 913 million viewers worldwide. (Nearly one in seven of all humans on earth.)

The next FIFA World Cup will be in Russia (14 June to 15 July 2018).  This deal was made in 2010. The Russian games will be in 12 cities in Western Russia, in 16 stadiums, 13 of which have been newly constructed for the FIFA games.

I doubt that Sen. McCain and the Empire will be able to stop this one. There’s too much money involved, and it only happens once every four years.  And as I said, the FIFA World Cup is far more prestigious than the Olympic Games.  It is the world’s most watched sporting event.

(McCain has terminal brain cancer. I wish he would give us some peace. I’m not big on warmongers.)

++++++++++CHANGE OF TOPIC++++++++++++++++++

A post on Bill Moyers’ blog titled “The Republican Long Game” says, “The object of tax reform is to create a gigantic deficit to justify ending the New Deal.”

Republicans have long dreamed of destroying the social safety net once and for all. This tax bill threatens to accomplish their plan. The House and Senate bills will both increase the deficit by more than a trillion dollars. But rather than admit their hypocrisy, Republicans deny that a trillion dollars will actually be added to be the deficit. They claim that the resulting economic growth from tax cuts will take care of it. But if necessary they will cut government programs to keep the deficit under control.

If we really want to thwart Republicans, we should stop ignoring those who have explained that the U.S. government does not run on loans or on tax revenue (Bernanke, Greenspan, Trump, and others). We would admit that the only problem with the federal deficit is that it is too small. Since we refuse to do this, we allow Republicans to get away with their attacks. Therefore the correct party to blame is US.


Democrats will protest. They may even be in power. But they will be handed an untenable situation, having to choose between deficits and programs.

Yes because Democrats will continue to lie just like Republicans, falsely claiming that the U.S. government runs on loans and tax revenue.

In effect, Democrats are being set up. You can already hear Republicans saying we can’t afford Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps or even Social Security.

Those poor innocent corrupt complicit neo-liberal Democrats.

Still, I must admit that Republican brazenness is breathtaking…

[1] Republicans say the U.S. government must reduce its deficit, and has a “debt crisis.”

[2] Republicans say that tax cuts will increase the debt and deficit, but will lower the debt and deficit by stimulating growth.

[3] Republicans say the deficit will rise three times as fast as the economy will grow.

A contradiction? Yes of course. The Joint Committee on Taxation includes Republicans who wrote the tax plan. According to their own study, their tax cuts will boost the economy by 0.8 percent during the next decade, while causing the deficit to increase by three times that.

So, according to Republicans, the tax cuts will reduce the deficit, but they won’t, but they will, but they won’t.










Of course, it’s not only Republicans. On 30 Nov 2017 Wall Street bank Goldman Sachs put out a warning that the U.S. debt is deposits are on track to hit unsustainable levels in coming years. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said the same thing. Liars one and all.

++++++++++ANOTHER CHANGE OF TOPIC++++++++++++++++++

Here’s a trivia break. (I’m still trying to lighten the mood after yesterday’s nightmare.) As you probably know, lemmings do not do this…

Small rodents like lemmings, voles, mice, muskrats, and rabbits are extremely fecund (they have many offspring). They have to be, since there are so many predators that eat them.  These animals go through cycles. Every five years or so, their numbers build so high that they eat all the available food (seeds, nuts, etc). Tension mounts. Finally they stampede outward as a mob, in a desperate bid to seek food in new territory.  This is not a suicide rush, but an attempt to avoid death. It is not a migration, but a dispersal.

The 1958 Disney movie White Wilderness staged one of these stampedes, and as lemmings plunged over a bluff into water, the narrator falsely implied that the lemmings were “committing suicide.” However the narrator then clarified that the lemmings were simply mistaking the ocean for a lake with a reachable shore just across the water. (Most rodents are very good swimmers, and lemmings routinely swim cross lakes.) Nonetheless, the image caught viewers’ imaginations, and the myth of “mass suicides” was born, because it serves as a mirror. We humans are herd animals, with mob psychology.  Unlike lemmings, we actually do commit mass suicide via war, or by believing (along with the mob) that the U.S. government “has no money.”

Speaking of mob psychology, Democrats and media celebrities continue to cannibalize each other. On 5 Dec 2017 Democrats expelled John Conyers who had been re-elected 27 times, and had always been the strongest voice in the House for Universal Medicare.

Two days later, Democrats expelled Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota over allegations of sexual misconduct that were not investigated, let alone prosecuted, and which Franken basically denies.

Only a few days ago Senate Minority Whip Richard Durbin had said of Franken’s case, “Let’s have a hearing, an investigation. Let’s let this reach whatever conclusion it is going to reach, but through a due process.”

Then Durbin suddenly reversed himself with the mob. After a report in Politico (6 Dec 2017) of another allegation (with no proof) against Franken, New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (one of the leaders of the sexual misconduct witch-hunt) declared that Franken had to go. Instantly thirty-five of forty-eight Democrats in the Senate called for Franken’s head, including Bernie Sanders, plus Minority Leader Charles Schumer and Minority Whip Richard Durbin. Senate Democrats called for Franken’s resignation.

Republicans don’t do this nearly as much. Democrats, you see, have been driven mad by their own lies.  Democrats vote for everything that Republicans want, except for when Democrats are out of power, and their votes make no difference, in which case they pretend to oppose Republicans. Democrats are now caught up in cannibalism and Russia-gate. They are just as corrupt as are Republicans. And yet they pretend to be “different” from Republicans.

It takes a lot of energy to sustain this lie, and it drives many people insane. “How could you possibly vote Republican?”

What these fools cannot understand is that among average Americans, many vote for Republicans because they are disgusted by Democrat lies, hypocrisy, and self-righteousness. They are sick of idiots who concede that yes, Democrats are as bad as Republicans, and yet Democrats are still “better.”

The purpose of all this madness is to keep the peasants divided and submissive. The slaves are fractured along the lines of gender, race, and sexual orientation, in order to prevent a unified struggle against the oligarchs.

A new victim of the witch hunt is acclaimed Australian actor Geoffrey Rush (right) who has been accused by an unnamed individual of “inappropriate” but unspecified behavior, allegedly during a 2015–2016 Sydney Theatre Company (STC) production of King Lear.

The unexplained allegations were published on Wednesday in the Murdoch-owned Daily Telegraph in Sydney under the lurid headline “King Leer,” and were echoed throughout the international media, including Variety, Hollywood Reporter and other industry journals.

Virtually overnight, Rush faces the destruction of his career. Rush’s statement to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reads:

“The moment I became aware of rumors of a complaint, I immediately spoke to senior management at the Sydney Theater Company, asking for clarification. They refused to give me any details. I asked why, according to standard theater practice, the issue had not been raised with me during the production via stage management. Again they refused to explain.”

So Geoffrey Rush is accused of something that no one will explain to him, by someone that no one will reveal. Today that’s enough to destroy you. No proof, no evidence, no explanation, no trial, no appeal.

Note, incidentally, that the top executives of tabloids and corporate media outlets escape all this, since they decide what gets publicized.

And as I said, most of this witch hunt madness is on the Democrat side.  Faced with such evil, selfishness, self-righteousness, and cowardice, is it any wonder that many people vote Republican, even though they know that Republicans want to screw them? And is it any wonder that rich oligarchs continue to rule the sewer from above?

This is what the stupid peasants do when their owners push them to extremes. They eat each other.


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Ignore at your peril

In connection with the horrific video below, here is my advice, based on personal experience.

[1] In 1998 I was desperate for a job, any job, so I signed up for the Los Angeles Police Dept. I quit after 365 days (exactly one year) because I could not stand the cop mentality, an example of which you can see in the video below.

Most LAPD cops hated me because I was very popular with the community, even though, as a rookie, I was put in the roughest part of L.A., which at that time was 80% black. A couple of times I was in life-threatening situations, but instead of shooting people, I simply called for backup. No one was ever shot or injured by the cops in any incident that I was involved with.

In any police department (no exceptions) 20% of cops are subhuman. An example is the cop in the video below. Their poison infects the entire department, making all cops unhappy, and driving them mad, sometimes causing them to be as bad as the 20%.

If you think I exaggerate about all this, then you are part of the problem, and I have no pity for you.

[2] The police are not your friends. They are cowardly little punks that fear you and despise you. I witnessed this from the inside. They think that every citizen is either [a] a bug to be stomped on or [b] a heavily armed terrorist with super-human strength and abilities.

Therefore you must do everything possible to avoid having any contact with the police. Never make idle chat with them anywhere at any time. Never call 9-11 unless you truly fear for your life. If you happen to walk past a crime scene, never ask a cop what is going on. The cop may explode at you in rage, and threaten to arrest you or shoot you. (This happened to me after I quit the LAPD.) In their cowardice they think they own you. And if they murder you, at least 20% of your neighbors will defend the murderers, 60% will shrug in apathy, and the remaining 20% will be powerless to help you.

While driving, never give a cop any reason to stop you. Never have a broken tail light or expired plates. Obey all signs, all traffic lights, and all speed limits. No illegal turns.  If someone flips you the bird, ignore it, because if the police show up, they may decide to gun you down. That’s how insane they are. Afterward, as with the asshole below, a jury of your peers will find him innocent, even if his body camera proves that he murdered you.

Being white gives you no protection. The murdering cop and his victim below were both white.

If you think I exaggerate about all this, then you are part of the problem, and I have no pity for you.

Incidentally, in my state, if a cop cites you for drunk driving, the state Department of Motor vehicles automatically suspends your driver’s license for a minimum of 90 days, even though you have not been convicted or even arraigned; only accused. And there is no appeal. To get your license back, after 90 days you must go through alcohol abuse classes that, when all is said and done, will cost you an average of $4,500. And this is for your first offense. It’s a scam for local governments to suck money from you. Never get behind the wheel if you have any alcohol in your system. Not even one beer.

[3] If you drink alcohol at home or in a hotel, be super-careful before you start drinking. Know that you are always drunker than you think you are. Do not go near guns or weapons of any kind, including toy guns. A cop may show up and start screaming at you. Since you are drunk, confused, disoriented, and terrified, he may decide to murder you, even though you are unarmed, and on your knees, and you are in full compliance with his orders.  You will see this below.

Remember that most cops are stupid cowards. Being behind the weapon, they cannot understand why anyone would be terrified by a cop with an assault rifle screaming in rage, “I’m going to shoot you!” Cops have never had this experience. They are mental cripples.

In the video below, the killer cop, Philip Brailsford, 26, is on an out-of-control power trip as he tortures his victims. One of them (a woman) he lets go. The other was Daniel Shaver, 26, a pest-control technician from Nashville Tennessee, and a father of two little girls. Shaver had been drinking in his hotel room, and he was terrified. Therefore Philip Brailsford used his personal AR-15 to murder him. Inscribed on the assault rifle were the words, “You’re fucked.”

Brailsford murdered his victim on 18 Jan 2016 about 9:00 pm about one mile from where I was living at the time.  Google street view of murder site. It was on the 5th floor of the hotel.

The video shows about 4 1/2 minutes of Philip Brailsford  torturing his prey. Shavers is unarmed, weeping in terror, and begging for his life.  “Please don’t shoot me!” Brailsford has nothing but contempt for Shavers, and puts five rifle bullets into him. Afterward Brailsford said he was proud of having “performed his duty,” and he would do it again.

Yesterday (7 Dec 2017) a jury pronounced Brailsford innocent of all charges.

Idiot juries are one reason why this nightmare continues. Learn from it. 

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Republicans to the rescue

Progressives say that Republicans are attacking social programs in order to pay for billionaire tax cuts. That’s not true, since the U.S. government does not run on tax revenue, but the public believes that it’s true. (The rich pay no taxes anyway.).

So I say again (for the third time) it’s as though the rich people who own all the politicians have ordered Republicans to go on the warpath in order to rescue the Democrats. How else to explain Republican arrogance? They banned public hearings on the tax legislation in the House and Senate. They banned Democrats in the Senate from seeing portions of the bill until just before the final vote at 1:25 am on Saturday, December 2.

Rich people need Democrats to keep the masses asleep and gullible, but Democrats are corrupt, they are identical to Republicans, and they only want to talk about Russia-gate.  So, to save them, Republicans have becomes absolute in-your-face assholes.

“This is for you, America.”

Democrats are complaining that the Republicans are boasting about wanting to cut federal safety nets.  Of course, if Democrats really cared about safety nets, they would admit that the U.S. government does not run on loans or on tax revenue.

Bernanke and Greenspan admitted the truth. On 9 May 2016 Trump admitted that the U.S. government will never default on any debt or obligation, because it can just “print the money.”

That was before Trump got into the White House. During a Republican presidential debate in Miami, Trump said, “I will do everything within my power not to touch Social Security, to leave it the way it is.”  But that was before Trump got into the White House. Likewise, Obama was a longtime advocate for Universal Medicare – but that was before he got into the White House.

Grover Norquist, a Republican who leads Americans for Tax Reform, was asked specifically about Trump’s remark that the U.S. will never default because it can always print more money. Norquist responded, “Yes, that’s just stating a fact. It’s what the United States government has been doing for quite a number of years. Printing more money.”

Norquist says that social programs must be cut anyway, in order to “stimulate growth.” We must have fewer dollars in the economy in order to “stimulate growth” and “create jobs.” Most Republicans agree.

“Once we light this economy up with tax cuts, there’s going to be jobs for everybody. So there will be no excuses for anyone who can work to sit at home. If we pass tax reform, we must have welfare reform. When you have a vibrant economy, there’s no reason for Americans to be on welfare.” ~ Rep. Clay Higgins (R-La.)

“For us to achieve 3 percent GDP growth over the next 10 years from tax reform, we must have welfare reform. We need people to get into the workforce. In my district, a lot of employers can’t find employees. Sometimes we need to force people to go to work!” ~ Rep. Rod Blum (R-Iowa) Source.

This trash might make sense if Republicans were serious about creating jobs (which they aren’t) or if tax cuts for the rich created more jobs (which they don’t).

In the video below, Gary Cohn (Trump’s chief economic advisor) speaks to a group of corporate CEOS.  When John Bussey of the Wall Street Journal asks the CEOs to raise their hands if they plan to hire more people as a result of the tax cuts, only one hand in the room goes up. (Skip to 0:24.)

This is so blatant that I’m serious when I suggest that Republicans are trying to rescue the Democrats.

It will be interesting to see how this stuff turns out. As I always say, the masses will submit to anything as long as they have something to eat. They will rationalize their slavery forever.  Hunger is the trigger for all uprisings and revolutions. The causes vary, but hunger is what lights the fire. Hunger (i.e. unaffordable food) triggered the French Revolution and the Mexican Revolution, plus the “Arab Spring” in 2011 (before the Empire hijacked it).

This is why our owners allow over 41 million Americans to receive Food Stamps. (Two-thirds of beneficiaries are disabled, children, or elderly.)

Now Republicans say they want to cut Food Stamps. Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) have introduced legislation to add new work requirements to food stamps. Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) is calling for the same.

Food Stamps benefit everyone. For the SNAP program alone the U.S. government creates $66 billion out of thin air each year, and those 66 billion dollars are spent directly into the economy. [According to a 2012 USDA report, SNAP benefits average $133 per family member per month, for an aggregate of $66.234 billion per year.]

In any case it is not certain that the banks will let Republicans cut Food Stamps, because the banks collect millions of federal dollars for administering the program. J.P. Morgan Chase collects $500 million a year in federal dollars for administering the EBT program in 21 states, plus Guam and the Virgin Islands,. The big banks also collect penalties and fees from people who get Food Stamps: $5 to replace a lost EBT card, $0.40 for each balance inquiry, $0.50 each time their cards are declined for insufficient funds, and $1.50 per withdrawal if they use ATMs to get cash more than once a month.

Forty cents may not seem like much, but if 41.5 million Food Stamp beneficiaries check their balances once a month, the banks collect $204 million per year from that alone. (Talk about getting paid for doing nothing!) EBT is a significant growth area for big criminal banks.


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Glimpses of truth

The Business Insider blog is usually wrong about federal finances, but every once in a while they get it partly right.

Example…Democrats need to stop whining about the deficit

The writer agrees that Democrats, in opposing the Republican tax plan, have become the biggest deficit hawks.

There are a several ways to argue against the tax cuts, including the idea that they benefit mostly huge companies and rich Americans.

The wrong approach is to harp on about higher budget deficits and a resulting “entitlement crisis.” This is a mistake for three reasons. First, it’s hard for voters to understand, even when it’s dumbed down into the old trope of “you wouldn’t run your household like this.”  Second, it’s bad economics. Unlike households, governments can run big deficits, and they should do so especially when inflation is as low as it is today. Doing so can help spur economic growth. The Democrats know this because it was a key lesson of the post-financial-crisis recovery. Third, there are much better objections to this tax plan. For example, it will lead to greater inequality and more struggles for the middle class.

“The deficit is an abstraction that is pretty much meaningless to anyone other than an economist or budget wonk,” says Dean Baker, an economist who is the co-director of the liberal Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington.

The Center for Economic and Policy Research is fake leftist. Dean Baker is notorious for lying about federal finances.  Moreover the federal deficit is not an “abstraction.” If the government puts more money into circulation, it is not an “abstraction.”

“The issue is that the Republicans want to take money from programs that people care about and need, like Medicare and Medicaid, and use it to give tax breaks to rich people. This is concrete and people can understand it. The deficit is not concrete. And as an economic matter, it is not clear that a larger deficit would be a bad thing — although I do have to say, we are likely getting close to full employment, so we probably don’t want too much larger of a deficit.”

Ah yes. When the “U.S. government is bankrupt” nonsense doesn’t work, there is the inflation bogeyman, who is always lurking outside, just waiting for a chance to slip in and devour all the boys and girls…

People use the inflation bogeyman to rationalize their misery. “If we did not have extreme poverty and inequality, we would have hyper-inflation, which is infinitely worse.”

Another favorite bogeyman is “unsustainable.”

“Our misery is necessary, because without it, everything would be unsustainable. We (needlessly) sacrifice ourselves for the common good. Our (self-caused) suffering is proof that we are noble.”

Note also that Dean Baker (above) falsely claims that federal finances are a zero-sum game. For Baker, if we pay fewer federal taxes, then we must necessarily cut social programs.

Continuing with the Business Insider post, it gets everything right until we come to this…

The only risk is inflation, if excessive bond issuance leads to rising prices. But the US economy has been suffering chronically from the opposite problem — and inflation rate that has consistently fallen short of the Federal Reserve’s 2% target for five years, pointing to an economy that is still operating below potential and reflecting stagnant wage growth for much of the population.

Inflation is not caused by an increased money supply, or by “excessive bond issuance” (whatever that means) but by an excess of money combined with shortages of goods and services to spend money on. If everyone has a mountain of cash, but little to spend it on, then sellers increase their prices. That’s inflation.

This situation does not apply to the USA. If average Americans had more money, they would spend more, which would boost the economy. However rich people don’t want that. Rich people want us permanently starved of money so we remain permanently weak and submissive.  It’s called gratuitous austerity.

The starving peasants rationalize their suffering by imagining that their misery is what keeps the bogeyman away.

The Business Insider article then gets many more things correct. Example: “Unlike Greece, which actually did default on its debt because of a lack of control over its own currency, the US could default only by choice.”

The peasants ignore such articles, because the peasants are frightened by truth, freedom, and prosperity.

TRIVIA: Not long ago my next-door neighbor had a dog that she never out out of a backyard pen. Never. When I learned about this, I offered to take the dog for walks. The first time, the dog did not want to leave his pen. He was so frightened that he shivered. So I put a collar on him and dragged him out by a leash.  After five minutes in the outside world, he became so happy that every day after that, he looked forward to me coming over. If he heard my voice, he would start whining to be taken out for a walk. Whenever I did take him out, he was ecstatic. One day the neighbor’s kids accidentally left a gate open, and the dog ran away, never to be seen again.

Lies form a mental prison that eventually becomes a little nest; miserable but safe.

A different Business Insider post contradicts itself.  Everything you thought you knew about budget deficits is wrong.

A paper was presented at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City’s annual Jackson Hole symposium. “Even in countries with high public debt, the penalty for activist discretionary fiscal policy appears to be small,” wrote Alan J. Auerbach and Yuriy Gorodnichenko, economists from the University of California, Berkeley.

In other words, governments that create their own currency out of thin air cannot go bankrupt in their own currency.

There’s strong evidence that targeted spending boosts aimed at generating jobs and economic activity in the short-run can have a self-fulfilling positive momentum, which itself generates more growth.

Correct, but then we get this…

“The Great Recession and the Global Financial Crisis have left many developed countries with low interest rates and high levels of public debt, thus limiting the ability of policymakers to fight the next recession.”

Nonsense. Governments that create their own currency out of thin air cannot have debt problems in their own currency.

Then, just when we begin to wonder if Business Insider might be worth reading once in a while, we get this…

The US government could shut down this weekend — and we’re not ready

The article means that Congress has not yet agreed on a final budget.  Therefore the U.S. government could “shut down” at midnight on Friday. Nonsense of course.  Whenever this happens, the U.S. Treasury says it will continue to fund the U.S. government by using “extraordinary means,” which is code for, “We will continue funding the U.S. government by creating money out of thin air, like we always do. 


BELOW: the SR-72 is an unmanned drone designed by Lockheed Martin. It will supposedly be capable of Mach 6 (4,440 mph) and be usable for reconnaissance, or for blowing up “terrorists” (i.e. used to destroy anyone who opposes the Empire’s evil).

This is a classic weapon for today. It has not even been built yet, but the artist concepts look sleek, sexy, mysterious, and impressive. Therefore Congress will throw billions of dollars at Lockheed forever without Lockheed ever producing a workable system.

This is why the USA could not prevail in a non-nuclear war against Russia or China. The USA is simply too corrupt. Rome eventually collapsed for the same reason.

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